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Engaging with outside organisations, institutions, practices and individuals, so that we can share skills and learn from each other is imperative to the success of our mission to drive change in response to the climate emergency. Below are links to live events, recorded talks and presentations, exhibitions  and pieces of writing related to climate responsive design and sustainable design.  

We brought together a panel of experts with experience working across the globe to share their knowledge and insights of designing buildings which respond to their specific local climate and embrace seasonal changes to create low-impact design which not only touches the planet lightly, but helps achieve a better, more sustainable future for all. 
To watch a recording of this event click here.
Continuing our collaboration with the Commonwealth Architects Association on the Planning for Climate Change and Rapid Urbanisation CPD series, Peter Clegg co-chaired a panel discussion on Upscaling Delivery of Climate Responsive Design.
This event is available to watch here.
Aga Khan BW.jpg
One of three CPDs delivered by FCBStudios for the Commonwealth Architects Association, Rachel Sayers and Shatotto principle Rafiq Azam talk about how the principles of climate responsive design have been used on the Aga Khan Academy in Bangladesh. 
The lecture can be viewed here. 
What is Net Zero Carbon? Most people in the UK can't answer this question. Our latest installation aims to provide an easy to understand answer and empower people to make changes to their own lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprints. For more information click here
What is Net Zero Carbon? 
Carbon Counts is an exhibition about the environmental impact of materials. First installed in London in our exhibition space, it has now moved to Manchester and is on display in the Manchester Technology Centre. It is accompanied by an online exhibition and continues to provoke discussion and debate.  
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